What is Park House?

Park House is a residential home for men and women with a mental health diagnosis. It offers 24-hour support which means that there are always trained and qualified staff on hand to support service users and deal with any problems that might arise. 

Park House is first and foremost home to those who live there.  So activities are the same as in anyone else’s home – people sleep, eat, cook, do their laundry, do their share of the housework, watch TV, talk to  friends etc.  Living with others provides an opportunity to socialise and improve communication skills.

What happens at Park House?

The main focus is to encourage and support service users to develop a commitment to changing their lives and reaching their full potential. They are supported to take part in the wider community, perhaps by doing a college course, joining social clubs or finding work.  We want to help individuals regain their rightful place in society and have a role as active citizens.  Emphasis is placed on maintaining or re-training the skills needed for daily living and getting as much out of it as possible.

Staff are there for individuals who may want to talk about feelings, be supported with managing medication, budgeting their finances or helping with daily-living skills like making appointments, cooking and shopping.  There is a strong commitment to fostering an open and trusting atmosphere.  Staff encourage service users to discuss their difficulties and share their problems, hopes and dreams.

Park House is a two-storey, end of terrace house situated on the corner of Constable Road and St Andrews Road. It is situated within walking distance of the beach, shops and all local amenities.

It is within easy access of the main roads into Felixstowe, a 15 minute drive from the A12 and a 10 minute walk from Felixstowe Railway Station.  


Coronavirus Update 07 June 2021

We are delighted to announce that all staff and service users have now received their double dose of the

Covid-19 vaccine. 

Throughout 2020 and 2021 our staff have been working tirelessly to reduce the impact of the Coronavirus in Park House. Thanks to the stringent restrictions which have been in place and the marvellous work of Emma and her team, there has been no outbreak in Park House to date. 

While we appreciate the importance of family visits, we are very mindful of current Government and Industry guidance regarding visitors which is being closely monitored. It is essential that we follow this advice and stick to any lockdown measures as and when they apply to local communities or to care homes specifically. Our first priority remains the safety of service users, staff and essential healthcare visitors and maintenance contractors to Park House. For further information, please refer to our Policy on "Re-opening to Visitors during Covid-19".