Park House offers a safe and secure home with 24-hour care, treatment and support.  It provides a rehabilitation service for a maximum of five service users with a mental health diagnosis who may also have a forensic history. 

Park House provides a service that encourages, empowers and produces an ethos of informed choice whilst enhancing the capacity of service users to function independently in their community.


The goal of our holistic approach is to deliver care, treatment and support with empathy, compassion, dignity and respect and to work to create an environment where service users have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Staff encourage service users to take control over what happens in their home and what form their care and support takes.  The result is individualised care and support that helps them achieve the outcomes that matter to them.

Recognising the individual need for personal fulfilment, we offer individualised programmes of meaningful activity. Staff do this by focussing on unlocking the service users’ potential and enabling them to get actively involved in the things they love.  This can be gardening (including community allotment gardening), cycling, swimming, ten pin bowling, playing badminton, doing arts & crafts, visiting friends or just having a chat.

Service users are also offered the opportunity to work at Potsford Farm in Woodbridge which is a working farm set up to operate as a care farm.

Situated in a quiet street in the coastal town of Felixstowe, Suffolk, Park House offers an environment in which the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of each user are recognised and respected at all times.

Staff and service users work in partnership so that service users:

-  take increasing responsibility for

   their lives;

-  learn essential social skills;

-  develop a commitment to

   changing their lives and reaching

   their full potential;

-  avail themselves of training and

    opportunities in the community.