Rehabilitation Programme

At Park House we aim to provide a productive environment by promoting a reablement, rehabilitation, and maintenance programme designed to work with the differing needs of individual service users.

The rehabilitation programme is based on Person Centred Care Planning whereby the service user is first and foremost seen as an individual and not just someone suffering from mental illness.  The aim is to provide a non-judgemental environment whereby service users are supported in everyday living and encouraged to develop new skills and re-gain previous skills for independent living within the local community.

Service users are supported on a one-to-one basis by an allocated key-worker who takes a special interest in their well-being, supporting them in what they want to achieve whilst living at the home.  This could include taking a college course, improving daily-living skills, working towards managing their own medication, or working to improve their self-confidence.  The key-worker draws up an individual relapse prevention plan which is worked through with the aim of re-educating and helping the individual to recognise and deal with emotional and social triggers that may cause a relapse in mental health.

Person Centred Care Planning

Person Centred Care Planning emphasises the service user’s perspective by taking into account the service-users’ wishes whilst maintaining a reality based position. Person Centred Care Planning helps to do this by discovering and acting on what matters to the individual. It provides a structure to continually listen and learn about what is important to a person now and in the future and to act on this in partnership with friends, family and advocates. Person Centred Care Planning requires a fundamental shift of thinking from a 'power over' relationship to a 'power with' relationship.

Care Plans are tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the service user and contain long and short-term service user-led goals which are reviewed on a regular basis.   

Every month a review takes place to evaluate the changing needs of the service user and identify whether continued support of rehabilitation or more independent accommodation is required. Service users are encouraged and invited to participate in these monthly reviews of their individual needs. Reviews with medical professionals are carried out every three months.

Diet (healthy eating)

Service users are supported to gain skills in healthy habits in eating and exercise. We believe it is important for service users to understand healthy nutrition and its benefits to both mental and physical well-being.

Personal Hygiene

Service users are encouraged to manage their own personal hygiene and helped to understand the benefits of good personal hygiene to mental well-being.


Service users learn the importance and benefits of taking medication on a regular basis as well as the negative effects of not doing so.